Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

This form of medicine focuses on detecting, dealing with, and preventing conditions that come with aging. Optimizing the human aging process and even extending the lifespan make up the goals of anti-aging medicine. One part of anti-aging is aesthetics, but another part is longevity and living a good quality life through optimizing the body’s function in metabolism and regeneration. Regenerative medicine is the approach to medicine that looks to restore or regenerate human cells to normal function. It uses stem cell therapies, immunomodulation therapy and covers a large range of uses in practice. It has the potential to heal tissues and organs that have been marked by age and disease. Regenerative medicine has been used in a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions as it helps heal injuries quicker.


Your body uses peptides as signaling molecules for biological pathways and as hormones. They bind to receptors on the surface of cells, where they communicate with other cells and instruct them on what to do. Their action is fast, short-acting, and because they are “upstream” signaling agents, they tend to be more broadly focus on influencing multiple chemical pathways. For example, insulin, which is the most famous peptide, binds to a cell’s receptor and tells the cell to bring glucose into the cell. Since peptides regulate various functions of your body (such as the ability to lose weight, function sexually, or digest foods adequately), peptide therapy holds promise for many significant interventions, especially in regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

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Prolotherapy is an alternative therapy that helps regenerate injured joints and connective tissues. Lam Clinic provides prolozone injections for various musculoskeletal complaints. By injecting a natural irritant into the tissue of an injured area, it triggers the body’s healing response to try to repair its own damaged ligaments. Prolozone usually required several shots to the area over several sessions to be effective.

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Medical aesthetics deals with conditions like moles, wrinkles, scars, lax skin, liver spots, and skin discoloration. At Lam Clinic, we have different procedures to help with anti-aging to keep you not only young on the inside, but on the outside also.

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