Healthcare professionals at the Lam Clinic dedicate themselves to providing the best care possible for the people they serve. Nutritional counseling is a powerful tool that helps you make wiser lifestyle choices for better health.

What goes into your body ultimately becomes the building materials your body uses to grow and to replace cells as well as to keep all your body processes functioning well. So, putting the best foods into your body leads to better wellness and longer life overall.

What To Expect From Nutritional Counseling

Lifestyle Educators working with you on nutritional counseling will help you assess your wellness goals. They meet you at your level of sensitivity to make sure your goals are realistic. Once you plan together what you need, they also work to keep you accountable for doing the necessary things to reach those goals.

Helping you learn to deal with stress and challenges in life requires learning new skills. For example, one of the challenges might be to master new ways to eat. Nutritional counseling will teach you those new ways.

Lifestyle choices continue to grow in importance as you make this journey. Our goal at the Lam Clinic remains to help you on your path through nutritional counseling.

In addition to these steps, the Lifestyle Educators at the Lam Clinic will help you decide about supplements and nutraceuticals that can bring more benefits. These natural products may be adjunct to or in place of medications and result in fewer side effects.

What Conditions Can Nutritional Counseling Help?

Nutritional counseling is particularly beneficial for conditions like obesity and diabetes.

Obesity continues to rapidly increase in our country and around the world. This condition leaves the person open to a multitude of illness conditions that can become life-threatening.

Nutritional counseling can help you overcome obesity through one-to-one work in learning novel ways and new foods to eat. Counseling can help with recipes, exercises, and providing an alternate way of looking at food, learning how to decrease inflammation through diet and reducing environmental triggers.

Research indicates about one-third of Americans suffer from pre-diabetes and another 10% have diabetes. Nutritional counseling provides with the information you need to improve diet and reduce the risk of moving from pre-diabetes to the full-blown condition. Learning what to eat is just as important as figuring out how to cook or prepare it.

Other illness conditions helped by nutritional counseling include:

  • Allergies
  • High blood pressure
  • Celiac Disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Autoimmune disease
  • High Cholesterol
  • And so much more.

It’s always important to start with nutrition when looking at healing the body. Nutritional counseling at the Lam Clinic can help you with several illness conditions.

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